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What to Wear to a Broadway Show!

Hey everyone! Who does not love the movie Pretty Woman?? If you love it as much as I do, you definitely need to go see it on Broadway! We didn't know what show we were going to go see this time because we were going to get our tickets from the day of discount booth. Here is the link for the place if you want to get discounted tickets! It's better if you are in a small group because you're more likely to find seats that are together!

This is the outfit that I wore to the show! You don't have to dress super formal for the shows, but you should look nice. This dress was perfect, because it was pretty chilly in the theatre and I was thankful that I had sleeves on. If you get cold easily I would pack a sweater for sure. The exact dress is sold out, but I did find one that's pretty much the same just a different color of this print. I also found some similar one's that I've added below! These earrings that I'm wearing are Kate Spade and I love them so much! If you're looking for some white hoops these are it! Everything is linked below!

Thanks for reading!

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