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Girls Day in Charleston!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Hey everyone! My friends and I had a little fun this weekend in Charleston. We took a day trip kind of as a going away party for one of our friends that’s moving to Minnesota.

We went to a place called Candlefish and made our very own candles! It was so much fun picking out our scents and learning the process of making candles. It was $55 for a class and you get two candles. You only get to pick one scent for both of your candles, but if you have a friend with you, you can partner up and pick two scents you both like and get one of each. The candles have to sit over night, so ours are getting sent to us. The class lasted about two hours and it’s definitely something I recommend doing if you go to Charleston and love candles like we all do!

After our fun at Candlefish we went and ate at Rue De Jean for a quick lunch. If you want some really really good muscles go here!! They are amazing! After that we just shopped around a little bit and came back home!

My top is linked here. I loveee it so much I want it in other colors. My “coat” is linked here. The reason I say “coat” is because it’s more like cardigan weight rather than as heavy as a coat. It’s a good amazon find though for only $32! I sized up one size from my normal size. My jeans I have posted before and I have them on two colors. I would highly recommend them and you can find them here.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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