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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019!

It's that time of year for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale again! There are so many people posting about this sale it's crazy! It really is a good sale if you're ready to start shopping for fall clothing when its 100 degrees outside. There are some bloggers that buy tons and tons and tons of things, but that's just not feasible for us regular people. I did order some things to try on, but not a ton. I'm going to post some of my favorite items that I have found since I have been looking today. I do have the credit card for early access which started today. If you don't have the card you can start shopping the sale on July 19th.

Tops & Sweaters

Below are a list of my favorite of these that I found! I did NOT order all of these just a couple. I tend to shy away from things that are wool or have a lot of polyester, because I have very sensitive skin. Sometimes I forget to check when I buy things, but there are some options without!


My favorite denim finds are below! I highly recommend topshop denim especially for us shorter girls. You can choose the length which makes it so much easier for me and they're also very affordable! I ordered a Good American pair which I've never tried before to see if I like them!


I opted out of buying any skirts, because I already have some similar to most of these. I am really loving them all right now! The pleated leopard print one also comes in plus size which is linked as well!


I also didn't buy any jackets this year although I REALLY wanted to. That camo one was calling my name! I do have the pink zella jacket. I bought it last year from Nordstrom Rack and it is SO soft!


There are some GREAT cardigan deals on this sale! I am really excited about the taupe topshop one that I ordered! I don't have any of the barefoot dreams cardigans, but I hear good things about them!


Shoes are definitely the best deals on this sale! There are so many that I really love. I'm also a shoe addict, so it may not be as great for everyone else! I got a pair of leopard booties and the blondie tall boots! There are some good Tory Burch deals this year!



Tall Boots




Activewear and Leggings

The infamous leather Spanx leggings are on major sale for $64! I bought some last year and they are as good as everyone says. If you want some get them now! They do run a little small and I had to size up. There are also tons of good workout things on the same and I snagged a few things. Zella is Nordstrom's activewear brand. I have some Zella leggings and love them. They are similar to Lululemon leggings, but at a cheaper price.


There are a lot of cute accessories that are on sale. I ended up getting the crocodile Rebecca Minkoff purse in Acorn (Brown). I debated between the black and brown, but I already have a black purse that I like and need an updated brown one. The barefoot dreams blanket is on sale and it looks so soft. I really wanted to buy it, but I unfortunately had to stop myself somewhere.



Other Fun Accessories


I didn't get any beauty items this time, but there are so many good deals of things I wish I had money to spend on! Charlotte Tilbury is on major sale! I love her lipstick and eyeshadows! The T3 Cura hair dryer is on mega sale. I don't have this specific T3 dryer, but I do have the travel on and it's great! The curling iron is also included in the sale. neuLASH growth serum is on sale. I don't use this specific kind, but I have heard great things. Since I have been using a serum my lashes have grown SO much! I don't want to be without it! If you haven't used a silk pillow case you're missing out! SLIP silk pillow cases are included at a huge discount. You're basically getting two for the price of one. They are the best for your skin and hair! Mario Badescu has an awesome set in the sale for only $23! I love those products to keep my fave clear!

Lingerie and Shapewear

Spanx are on major sale! Like $25 sale! If you have never tried a Spanx bra, you should. It is my favorite bra that I own and bought another one to try. I also have Natori and love those as well. Both brands have bras on sale that you should snag for a good price. Hanky Panky's are some of my favorite underwear, but they are pretty pricey. Now is a great time to get some at a discounted price!

I know this is a very lengthy post. I appreciate you reading it. If you buy something I have posted it would mean a lot if you buy it through my link. I get a very small commission when people purchase through them and it will help keep my little blog going!

Thanks for reading!

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