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My New Favorite Lounge Set!

Tie Dye Set | Shoes

So I'm totally obsessed with this set! I put it on last night and didn't want to take it off. I did a try on of it on my insta stories today if you want to check that out go to @alittlebitoflangley. I am wearing a medium here which is surprising for me in a set because I have a pretty small top half compared to my bottom half which is typically bigger, so sometimes sets don't work well for me. Typically I would've ordered a large, but I guess I was feeling risky that day haha. This set took two months to get to me so, but I knew that when ordering, but now it says it's on amazon prime, so maybe you won't have to wait as long!! It's seriously so comfortable and only $25. I'm considering ordering another one!

Let's talk about these shoes.. I literally wear them all of the time. Literally. They are Birkenstocks, but are only $45 and are waterproof, so you can wear them to the pool or the beach or anywhere. They are also super easy to clean because the white does get dirty, but the good thing is you can just get some water and wipe them off. They aren't clothe material. I'm not sure how to describe the material, but they are cleanable. Just get a pair and you won't regret it I promise! I am wearing a 38 in these. I am typically a 7-7.5 in shoes so I was debating and just went with a 38 and I think they are fine for me.


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