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H&M Try On

I bought a few things a couple of months ago from H&M that JUST got here today! Because they just got here one is sold out and the others are low in stock, but do come in other colors/prints! I love all three of these things! I have a medium in all 3. They are all over-sized and I'm sure I could have fit a small in all of them if I wanted them a bit smaller. I'm 5'3 for height reference, so the short dresses aren't that short on me and the longer dress isn't exactly a maxi or a midi on me haha, but I still L O V E it! I'm keeping all three of them! The maxi dress is only $20 and the other two are $30 and under! These shoes are Steve Madden and I'm wearing a 7.5. I'm usually between a 7-7.5, but Steve Madden typically runs small for me. I am going to link all the things below and some other things I found at H&M that I really like as well!

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