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Flowy Summer Dress for less than $30!

Dress | Shoes | Necklace | Purse

Happy Saturday! Just hopping on here to post this cute little dress that o recently got! It’s only $29 and comes in this color and a few others! we went to an antique store today and it was the perfect dress to throw on! I’m wearing a size 6 here. I would recommend sizing down in this one because it is for sure oversized. It also comes in plus size, petite, short, and y’all which I will link as well below! I recently got my first Gucci Purse at the Gucci Outlet in NY and I love it so much. It’s making me a little bit paranoid though because I’m trying to be so much more careful with it than I normally would my other bags haha!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Dress in Blue

Dress in Green

Dress in White (Tall)

Dress in Black (Tall)

Dress in Black (Petite)

Dress in Black (Curve)

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