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First Post!

Dress | Boots | Star Necklace | Sunglasses |

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this spring dress that I found. It's one of my new favorites that's under $60. I recommend sizing up if you want to wear it to work for some extra length. I would've done that had I known it was going to be a little shorter. At first I wasn't too big on the white boot trend, but then I found these!! They have mesh detail that breaks up the color and doesn't make them look so harsh. They are really stylish and I have found them on sale for y'all.

Some good news is that I am now on Like to Know It!! If you don't know what like to know it is, let me explain. It's an app that you can use to shop my looks. If you follow me on Instagram you can just screenshot my photo and then go to your like to know it app and all the details will come right up under my picture. It makes shopping my stuff SO much easier. If you click on my link through Like to Know It, I will get a very small percentage of your purchase. It would be greatly appreciated if you use my links if you find something you like that I post!

Thanks for reading!

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