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Dress Up Try on Haul!

Black V-Neck | White Poncho | Cardigan | Denim Jacket | Maxi Dress

If you follow me on instagram you probably saw that I did a try on for you all in my insta story! If you don't follow me on there you definitely should. That's where I post most of my content for everyone to see. My handle is @alittlebitoflangley.

This week I've partnered with a boutique called Dress Up! They have such trendy and affordable clothes! Everything in their store is under $39 and they get new arrivals in 2-3 times a week. They recently had a back to school drop and that's when I bought all of this stuff! If you buy something use my code "XOLANGLEY15" to get 15% and if you can it would mean a lot if you would buy through my links so I can get a very small commission!

In all of these things I am wearing a size medium which is my normal size except for the denim jacket which I am wearing a large. I am only wearing a large because they were sold out of the medium which I think I could've definitely worn! I really love all of these things and would recommend them all! Most of the items come in multiple colors so make sure you check them out!

Thanks for reading!

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