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Color-Block Maxi Dress

Dress | Shoes | Sunglasses

Hey everyone! For the wedding I went to last weekend I ended up ordering multiple dresses because shipping was taking so long that some of them weren’t going to get to me on time. You’re going to see a few more dresses this week for that reason haha!

This dress was my second favorite! I really love it! Here I am wearing a size 8, but I feel like I could also wear a size 6. It is a little oversized and is only $60! Such a great price. The dress also has a little opening in the back which I don’t have a picture of so make sure you check it out online! It‘s so cute!!

These shoes go with everything! I’ve posted them multiple times. I’m wearing a size 7. Normally I wear a 7.5 so definitely size down.

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