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Back to Reality!

Hey everyone! Sam and I just got back on Thursday from out trip to Thailand. It was amazing, but the jet lag is really setting in for me today. Sam also now has a cold, so we are having a lazy weekend.

We visited Bangkok and the coast of Thailand when we went. When we were in Bangkok we visited the Grand Place and a temple called Wat Pho. To be able to enter these places you must be covered, so for women that means wearing something that is below your knees and covering your shoulders. I was searching for something to wear for this that would also not be too heavy being that it was almost 100 degrees. I reallllllyyyy wanted to buy another dress that I will link below, but I couldn't justify spending almost $150 on it. So above is the dress I found that looked most like it that was under $40 linked here. Unfortunately, it's sold out in the long version right now, so I will link the short one below along with some similar options. It's actually listed as a coverup on Amazon, but it worked perfectly as a dress. I was still SO hot, but that was going to happen regardless.

I wore these shoes most of the time which were really good for walking. I found them at Marshall's. I always get blisters when wearing something that rubs my heel, so I was concerned about that, but didn't want to wear sneakers. I found this stuff on amazon that you rub on your feet before you put your shoes on that provides a barrier. I did not get one blister the whole week and we did a lot of walking!

Thanks for reading!

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